Monday, April 06, 2009

Notes on a Weekend

It was short. It was busy. It was insightful. It was fun. It was sad.

Picked Amy up 9:00.
Iuka by noon.
Mama Nick had cooked hamburgers.
Met Sher at Mike's at 1:00.
Funeral at 3:00 in Alabama.
Old friends/acquaintances.
Surprising comment...
Drove around to Pink House, other old places.
Back to Iuka by 5:30.
Stop at Fred's.
To David's to eat at 6:00.
David, Sandra, Aunt Ginny, Paul, Amy, me, Sher, (Oscar).
(Who was very good till Sun going home.)
Brenda's a little after 9:00 Sat night.
Slept fitfully.
House hot.
Window open.
Up early.
MN had cooked her and Paul's breakfast.
I cooked mine, Sher's.
Amy ate sausage/biscuit later.
Pictures outside. (Later)
Paul sick.
Home early, left Iuka 10:15.
Sher went on to Mike's and they ate out at Chinese.
I drove home.
(O not happy sharing back seat with Amy.)
Dropped Amy off.
Home by 2:00.
Bitty got left in house all weekend! Very little damage...
Paul to bed.
Laundry, Sonic.
Bed by 9:30.

This morning: left eye pressure 24. Added a different kind of drop. Decrease steroid drop by one drop (2 a day now). Return Wednesday for re-check. Eye feels dry/irritated.

I took our comforter to cleaners. Needed it anyway; Bitty's "resting" spot while we were gone.

Paul to doctor this morning. Two different meds. Home to bed.

Bitty to Rountree's tomorrow for grooming. Her matted coat underneath has gotten away from us. I worked on it yesterday with little results. CC Vet doesn't do and Classy Pooch doesn't do cats. Thought I'd ask, tho...

Pooped and ready for another weekend. Ready for more than a weekend.

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Kaye Butler said...

what was the surprising comment? Inquiring minds want to know.