Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quiet Weekend

The bad weather I anticipated Saturday was not too bad after all, but it was pretty cold. I went to Walmart for a few things and got the grocery shopping done Friday evening, thinking we'd be rained in yesterday. But it was pleasant most of the day and I just putzed around and didn't go anywhere.

Paul has been sick with cold/fever all weekend and was inside except one function he had previously committed to. I washed feather pillows and it takes them a looong time to dry in the dryer. I had to find my tennis balls to put in with them so they'd fluff the feathers. All the bed linen washing took extra time and I've just caught up with laundry after Sunday School. Stephanie came by after SS and picked up five Stinger annuals she needed to borrow for a slide presentation she's doing at school. I won't say for for since it may be a surprise... Paul has all the annuals from 1968 - 2001.

Last night I watched one of several old movies I've recorded on the DVR - "It Happened One Night," which I've intended to watch for years. I'd finished watching "part 2" of "Teacher's Pet" recently and Clark Gable was in both, twenty-five years' difference in the making of the movies. I guess to me he will always be Rhett Butler. Doris Day was in "Pet," and I've always liked her "sunniness" and breath-ey laugh.

We were back up in attendance in SS this morning. I didn't get up in time to go to church service and didn't stay for second service. Good lesson - Beth Moore on the Patriarchs in the Old Testament, this morning about Abraham.

Sher and I talked yesterday and Amy called to apologize for being a "bad daughter." She's so bad. Not! She's been on call three nights this week and missed her day off this week as well. If she isn't working, she's trying to catch up on sleep. She's scheduled to be off next weekend and plans to go to Iuka with us. I know we'll be running/visiting, but that's the nature of going home. Brother Steve called me yesterday, too, and said yesterday (the 28th) was his granddaughter Kiley's second birthday! I'll send her a card a bit late... Steve's probably going to go to Texas sometime next month to visit, then travel down to around Brownsville. I told him not to go to Mexico or much nearer the border!

In spite of the cool weather yesterday, I donned my coat and earmuffs and took some pictures in the back yard, and walked Oscar about 4:00.

And Melanie had sent pictures of Nate riding his bike without training wheels!

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