Friday, March 27, 2009

Hep Me! Hep Me!

Call from Sher on my way home yesterday. So many deadlines, so little time! "In twelve minutes I have to be downtown, and I have to fling some food at these animals first," she said, laughing crazily.

All day, it seems, people had asked her for training on this or that in her office, since she now has only four working days left in Columbus. Everyone needs to know how to do this or that since they'll be picking up parts of her job until her replacement arrives. In the meantime, she gets email from someone in her new office at Tyndall saying, essentially, "Come on down! Hurry!" She did finally get her written orders, her paper-in-hand orders.

As many times as she's moved over the course of her career with civilian-military jobs, she knows what do to and probably should just keep a checklist on her computer or print multiple copies to keep somewhere. She applied for the new job and voila - she was notified and has to be there in a month's time! Orders send her scurrying to book temporary lodging, listing her house for sale, scheduling the packers/movers, decluttering, deciding what she needs to keep out to survive a few weeks in temporary, making sure her cat and dog are welcome where temp housing is or lining up a kennel for them. Oh, and other important things from services she's already familar with in Columbus, like ordering new glasses and getting her final haircut there.

Her home is on the market, but it missed this month's Real Estate Times or whatever the listings book is called for her area. The new book won't be printed until May 6. She's had two shoppers so far. In Panama City maybe she won't have much trouble finding a new house; just hoping hers sells soon.

Downtown she was meeting a friend from work for supper, then going to a small music venue. I didn't talk to her any more last night, so maybe she got the dog/cat fed, the dog "walked," the back door securely closed and locked.

One thing for sure - she does not "drag her feet!"

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