Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Buttercup Connection

After I wrote yesterday about family and friends being so dear, Bren wrote this back to me. The following is used by permission of Bren. Mitzi is her sister-in-law who has been in Iuka attending her mother (Sissy) who's been in the hospital. SM is Southern Magnolia (assisted living center) where Sissy lives; also Bren's dad and mama. Marcia Clark is one of our classmates. Lila has taught art for years; in fact, Mama took some art lessons from her.

Mitzi saw some buttercups - all dif kinds - in a yard when she was going to SM and finally yesterday she stopped and asked the lady if she could have a few and she told her it was the wrong time of the year to dig them up and then M told her that she just would like a bouquet to take to her mom at SM; and then the lady took her all around her yard, telling her the names of all the dif varieties and where she had got them; one that her mom had mailed home from somewhere to her mom and said plant these and I'll get them when I get home - some fifty years ago - and now she has them in her yard - and lots of other stories - and even went in the house and got her a vase - and of course you know all the time, my mind was running with "who" and wandering thru the neighborhood trying to think who it was. It was Lila Ham!!! And, Mitzi had heard me talk of her and knew she taught me art and told her that she had one of my paintings! Mitzi said she said some very nice things about me (and then said everybody at SM and everywhere she went was expressing concern for me and said nice things - that made me feel good). Then, she took the buttercups and put some in her mom's room, some in the dining room for all of them to enjoy - and some to her mom's buddy across the hall (Marcia Clark's mom - who her brother was Jerry, the husband of Trev, who owns SM - don't know if I told you that before). See how amazing God is! and He is always trying to guide us along the right path. Mitzi was so glad that she had met Lila and got the buttercups and was able to share them - alot of folks there at SM got to enjoy them. And, she said that she went to the thrift store in Iuka and the lady told her if she would take all 30 vases, she would sell them to her for a quarter!! so, she did and said she was going to take them to church cause they took the flowers that were in the Sunday church service and took them to shut-ins during the week and they could use the vases. Mercy, how God does work!! And, I am all so busy that I miss blessings right and left! He is so Great, so Merciful!!

I told Bren she's living smack dab in the middle of Mitford!

Here's hoping everyone has a Buttercup Connection of some kind today...

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