Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Boys! and a Tiny Girl

Melanie sent pictures of Nate and he's grown so much and playing T-Ball this year! He is just as sweet as his expression. He's in shirt-sleeves because it's warmer in Pensacola! I don't think they got any snow...

I think these are Mardi Gras beads.

Bren sent me these pictures of progress on the construction of her son and daughter-in-law David and Cindy's home that David's building, with lots of help from his three boys, and his dad Jim. There's always something going on with three growing boys. It's a beautiful hill and has a lovely view down the slope to their church (New Prospect) across the highway.
Austin and Andrew - playing King of the Hill?

Austin seems to be helping Alex out of trouble. Looks as if he already found it! That's not chocolate!

New Prospect Church...

And Eliza, Bren & Jim's youngest grandchild - Mary Jane & Earl's daughter - the three girl grands live in Meridian. This was taken at Eliza's christening recently. The cousins all adore each other and I imagine Cindy's wondering how a little girl might fit in!

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