Thursday, February 19, 2009

Odds 'n Ends

The dryer wasn't the problem - it was a blown fuse - but there was a burned wire! Yikes! Thank goodness for fuses. And Paul got an electrician to find and repair the problem - David West. Thanks! I'm just sorry he had to see all the clutter strewn around to pull the dryer out. That's life. So now we can rewash what was in the washer Tuesday, plus all the other things that usually get done: sheets, area rugs, piles of towels and white clothes, jeans, etc. How can two people use so many clothes? Was the washer and dryer ever not in use when Amy was home? I think there must have been a permanent slosh and tumble going on. Again, I say - I am so thankful for appliances! And electricity! (And the paycheck it has generated for me for so long! lol)

My IOP was great again today - 16! No glaucoma drops in that eye for a week and holding! I have to go back next Wednesday for another check. I've finished with one drop and have to be on the other two for 3 more weeks, it seems. That's Dr. Stank's instructions, and Dr. Mitchell said if I need the Omnipred, let him know. I'm glad to be through with one - I'm such a wimp when it comes to medicines anyway and they've made me feel tired. (This is three drops, four times a day.) My vision is improving daily, too. The left eye vision is clearer every day, and on the visual test, Dr. M. says it's better. The little hole I look through that simulates without astigmatism shows that's exactly what it is - and when the eye completely heals, all that may very well level out and go away. When I got up this morning I could tell my right eye was dry - it didn't just pop right open as usual, and Dr. M. said it was dry. (I tried to keep my office heater off or directed away from me today.)

The TB's were in Forrest City today (Jean, Carol, Charlene) and called me to meet them for lunch, which I did at Ameca's. They'd been to Walgreen's and were off to do other shopping. Glad they called - we don't get to be together that much. I think Saturday we're going to meet at Charlene/Bills' new home in Wynne - they bought James and Marci Langston's home since they had to sell it in order to go on the mission field - IMB requirement. So God worked all that out for them and for His plan! Anyway, we're going to see the new Wynne home - I know Charlene's so glad she won't have that drive from Hickory Ridge into town, to church and for shopping or visiting. Actually, she'll be on "my" end of town for a change! The other girls are on the south end; now I have a buddy on the north end!

When Paul was in Little Rock Tuesday, he bought a new light fixture for the kitchen. It's the same shape as the one that the ballast quit. He'll probably put the new fixture up Saturday and I'm sure I'll be able to help a lot since I can hold things over my head like a weight lifter. Just so he hurries and bolts that thing up there so I can let go!

My cell phone text messages have been in multimedia format for some reason, Amy told me. She said she was getting my messages "like pictures." The ATT person I talked to, after talking to our computer guy here and he couldn't figure it out, wasn't much help said someone would call me back after lunch.

Our great cable guys have just about got the bugs worked out of our HD, and the picture is great. We also learned that USA is now USAHD, and so "Monk" and "Psych" will be even sharper! I guess we'll check the website to see what HD channels we have, as they are adding some new ones, and Speed is now on 99.

The cable techs came yesterday evening and Paul had to put our watchdog up, as usual. One of the men commented on what a good watchdog O is! "Does he bite" "Oh, yes, he'll bite." And he would, unfortunately. People he knows fairly well, he's okay with - he's really used to Jean now, and as I said before, he greeted Richard like a long-lost buddy. The days I pick up Tina, Oscar rides with me, and he never utters even a low growl any more. But someone he doesn't know - I think he'd try to chew the bottom of the door off to get to them. (In fact, a week or so ago, a boy was walking his Doberman and Paul just happened to get home and opened the back door as they were walking by. Out went Oscar to the attack! They were into it and neither would stop! Finally, I stepped out and called Oscar - I guess that got him distracted and I could pick him up. Pretty scary! See, he thinks he is a Big Dog!)

Clinique Bonus Time. I called my friend Tammy and told her I didn't know how I got in this old face and please send me something that would do like Botox but without pain. So I'm getting Moisture Surge Extra.

Kerri Turner Stevenson's surgery was today. Haven't heard how she is; praying all is well and that the pain will be next to none!

Wesley's working at Clay County Electric office helping with their accounts payable. Tomorrow's his birthday - he said he'd be back Friday. We have "prizes" for him!

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Kaye Butler said...

Great post. You should read Life In Parsonage blog, its in my blog roll.

Is your counter set for the day you retire?

At least it was a simple fix for your dryer.