Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine

Daytona 500 will be run tomorrow and all week we have lived at the racetrack. Since we got HDTV channels and the new TV, Paul absorbs all the news about the drivers, cars and crews. There is one 18-year old driving tomorrow! Joey Logano. I don't know a whole lot about NASCAR, but I know that he has got to be so excited, yet he handles himself in a mature way in front of the camera. Mark Martin (Batesville, AR) is one of the older drivers - be neat if it was "his year" after all this time.

Paul's NASCAR position - ready to Speed!

Pretty quiet day today. Jean came by and left some stickers for Richard to pick up to take to Emmy. I missed Neall and Becca so Richard and Linda swung by and got our gift for her. Jean and I had coffee. (Oscar didn't bite her feet, he's getting so much more mannerly.) When Richard came in O greeted him like a long lost friend - I think O remembered him. Simple lunch - bean soup and cornbread. Nap, not in that order, but still nice. Bath and trim for Oscar - just nipped around the feet and tried his eyes, but he has to be very calm for that.

Have gotten on Facebook and it is pretty neat to see who knows who knows who. (I know that's not good grammar.) I haven't found anyone from around Iuka yet. I have "borrowed" mine from other friends - I'm sure the round robin is supposed to work that way - it's amazing how many people you know that other people know. "Six Degrees of Separation." It's fun, but can be very time-consuming.


Leslie Caubble said...

Mr. Nichols lounging in his recliner. That brings back a lot of memories! The only thing missing is a couple of silly teenage girls running around him while he's trying to watch TV.

Pat said...

You're right, Leslie! Those were the days - would wish a few of them back! Good to hear from you!