Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Pressure Check

Well... Back to Dr. Mitchell and pressure was 13 today!!! 17 yesterday, so if it stays down like that NO MORE DROPS!! Hope the left eye does as well!! He said I do have astigmatism (A visual defect in which the unequal curvature of one or more refractive surfaces of the eye, usually the cornea, prevents light rays from focusing clearly at one point on the retina, resulting in blurred vision), and had spoken with Dr. Stank about it yesterday afternoon, as I'm sure he updates on all the patient referrals/check-ups. Dr. S can adjust that - "pull" - the stitch - like pulling the corner of a sheet or bedspread - (I didn't know I have a stitch) - and correct the shape of the eye somewhat. Said it could easily be done, just like I was sitting there in the exam chair - not a surgery. But for that, I could read lines I've never been able to see before, and asked them to remove the right lens from my glasses, which they did. Isn't perfect, but better than with the lens in. Have to go back Monday afternoon for re-check on pressure. Don't know yet about left eye yet - but the sooner the better. Of course, hearing their patients say how pleased they are pleases them - what a great profession - to give sight, or to give better sight to people. Has to be very rewarding.

Sharon is doing fine - they did 4 by-passes. Beck said this morning that Sharon had asked for her glasses and some magazines! She's in ICU, of course. I guess all her life she's just had to deal with things as they come, being a caregiver for her family, and she has also handled this matter-of-factly. I would probably have been a wreck!

Beautiful day today as well - just like yesterday. It's nice to be home. Home! I love it!

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Perry said...

I am so glad for you that your surgery went well. Life is a little brighter now with no cataracts!