Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Brand New Year - January 1, 2009

Wonder how many times I'll write 2008...

Paul and I did not see the new year in last night! We went to bed so early we didn't even hear any fireworks!

I got to sleep a little later, but got up about the time I'm usually leaving for work. A little breakfast, schlepping around in my pjs. Went through some more books and discarded and rearranged things. (I've decided this is Monk-ish; there has to be a stopping place!) Lunch of left over roast and white beans (we're just not much on black-eyed peas and ham hock); grocery store; walked Oscar; watched Monk (marathon) off and on today. Got on here this evening and couldn't connect to the internet so I called ATT and a friendly person helped me - it was a modem glitch.

Bren had emailed me about a friend of theirs and Linda's family (Jim's sister) in Kentucky who died.

Kirk had emailed a Happy New Year to us. I think it's Friday there now.

I answered both of them back.

No more holidays for a while. I'm ready for a routine though. I either want to be routinely at home or routinely at work - it's tough getting back in the regularly scheduled program after being off so much.

Yesterday's lunch at Mike's was very good - there were a dozen of us there to eat with Richard. Including Neall, Becca and Sol. (I loved watching Sol eat lemon, shiver all over, and make a sour face, and go right back to sucking on it!) Richard closed on his house yesterday. It seems strange even yet for them not to be there - maybe that's why I hardly ever go down that street, even to Jean's. But I hope the new family enjoys it as much as the Jackson family did - it was warm, welcoming, fun. It sheltered two great kids of whom Teri would be so proud - it was a great place for them to grow up. It was a wonderful place to gather with the girlfriends or couples, and spend the night with scaredy-cat Teri if Richard was gone. I know Richard's glad he sold it, especially in today's housing market. But that house will always have whispers and traces of them there.

Praying everyone has a Happy, Healthy New Year!

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Kaye Butler said...

I know you must be missing Teri. When I read your post I could see her and Jean bouncing in the funeral home to give us a hard time!!!