Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good News!

Yesterday morning Wesley came in the office and said he needed to talk to me - about a part-time job, then full-time in August, etc., etc. All the time my mind is racing: What is he saying? Is he leaving? I was about ready to cry. And finally he said, "I'm gonna be a Daddy!" He and Mollie are expecting in August! August 4 to be exact (Sher's birthday). They are so excited, and of course we are - I told him we will have another "grand" here at work! They're like our kids, so Little Davis will be another grandbaby for us! Carolyn and Becky were off yesterday so he got to break the news to them this morning. I think he had Carolyn going, too!


The itch not only affects people. Poor Oscar. I've searched him high and low and can't find one single flea. They are really fast creatures, I really can't see well, or they are not there. I think they are not there and that he has allergies. His eyes mat and I wash them and put in the drops. Last night I slathered Benadryl cream on one particular place (there are others he scratches but can't get to as easily) that he nearly has sore. I gave him a doggie antihistimine pill last night in a piece of cheese. I kept him on the bed so I could keep him from scratching last night. (He was pretty sleepy after the pill, though.) This morning same thing. I asked Paul to see if Cheryl can just cut all his hair off, well, within reason - not shaved, and not use the perfumed stuff after his bath. He's never had this allergy problem before. I washed everything he has - old pillowcase, old bathroom mats in his kennel, toys, blanket. I haven't changed shampoos. (Maybe I need to?) I don't want to give him too much of the antihistimine for fear it will dehydrate him or cause kidney problems, though I think he does drink plenty of water, at least it's going down in his dish. I'm just not there to see him do it. Richard's Jasmine had/has allergies. I think Wesley said one of their dogs does. If all that doesn't work, then back to the vet. Got to be awful. It is when I have dry skin and allergies, so I know how he feels.

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