Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Another Song for a Winter's Night

The Lyrica has about worn off this night and I'm up at 2:35 with this song on my mind, so I got up and found this version of it. We sang it in church Sunday.

Had the strangest dream - again. Paul was driving his truck to a vacation spot I suppose and to get to the hotel we had to go into a lake, but could drive up onto dry land at the canopy/entrance. Only it sank. We were all okay, but he was having a hard time getting the truck to drive up on the pavement. I think the Bonadys were with us. Strange. I suppose a side-effect of the med. Maybe such a deep sleep, but it hasn't really helped for the purpose intended. The first two nights I slept really well, but just now I've taken two Advil and waiting for the itch/pain in my foot to subside. The heart rythm thing is really getting on my nerves and I think I can stand/will try a different something than get that all out of whack. Oscar and I had a cookie, different kinds for different folks, but a snack.

So anyway, I got up, updated my Sunday School roster booklet, checked my email and found an eVite from Kimberly about this Sunday's class party and thought that was a nice/cute reminder. RSVP'd that.

Sher and I talk when we're on our way home from work. Talked about Christmas plans. When I got home, Paul and I talked about Christmas plans. Still thinking of Amy's schedule in particular. We most likely will stay home and probably go to her house sometime when she is off, have brunch at her house - it is much faster to prepare than a turkey and all the trimmings! Sher may come if she doesn't go to Florida.

So going back to bed. And hope to sleep.

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