Monday, October 06, 2008

Iuka Weekend Part 4

My brother Steve has built this house practically by himself. It's taken him several years and he works on it pay-as-you-go; no home loan predicaments for him! There is a little pond behind it and trees all around. It's very near the house my grandmother and I lived in at Oldham, and even nearer the church I attended when I was a teenager. I can never remember his address so I just send mail to him at "Oldham" and he always gets it.

Bren, Martha, Charlotte and I went to Pray Pottery on the Friday we all were together. Two ladies are potters and make all their pieces, display and sell them from their tiny studio. Some have been featured in Paula Deen's magazine. It's a neat place to see; a small house with two of the rooms converted to showrooms, and the back room is their workshop. I told one of the ladies about Mama ordering my and Sher's Christmas gifts two years ago and she remembered that and was very touched by it. She did not know Mama had died. She said another woman had done the same for her daughters - ordered their Christmas gifts - and they were the only two she could remember having done that. Sher and I went back the next day so she could see the shop and meet the ladies, one of whose husband she attended school with.

Bren and Aunt Ginny talking about the clematis and the best time to set out plants. Aunt Ginny had baked me a caramel cake. She didn't tell me she had until that morning because she had to see whether the icing (cooked sugar frosting in an iron skillet) turned out right. I can tell you it did! I did share.

Aunt Ginny's drive, going away from her house. The "Orchard" is on the left. Everything is just as neat as when Uncle Wendell was living and mowed, edged and pruned all this yard.

Friday we went shopping in Tishomingo, and the other girls went into a store with all sorts of scented candles and potpourri, so I got myself across the street to the local library and waited for them. These chairs looked really old; I didn't ask about them but should have. Probably had a history, but there were no "keep off" signs on them. (At the Iuka Library, you can check out different shaped cake pans!)

The Friday night we were there, we went to North Crossroads to eat. Charlotte and Martha ran into an old classmate, Danny Lynch. They told him every girl had a crush on him in school. He'd just come in from work and was still in work clothes, but I could see from the twinkle in his eyes and expressions why they would have - his face and manner exuded real character and gentlemanly traits!
Sign in the restaurant where we ate... The increase in prices probably had whomever printed the sign a little rattled. (The food was wonderful.)

Thanks, Bren and Jim, for your hospitality! The girls are all looking forward to meeting at Sher's this spring for the Pilgrimage!

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