Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Chief's Reception

I guess he will always be "the Chief," and absolutely a great friend! Mike's reception was at City Hall this afternoon and I stayed the whole time, it was so nice! There was a great crowd and not only did I get to visit with Theda, Carol and Barbara, but so many other Wynne folks I hardly ever get to see.

Mike and his lovely fiance, Donna Ball. They will be married very soon.

Theda, Mike, Carol and Barbara. The ladies did a great job with the food, flowers and hospitality!

Mike, me and Paul. He's been a great police chief for the city for nine years!

Lt. George Pettigrew presented a gift to Mike on behalf of the Police Department.

Some of the many guests who came by with kind words for Mike. The newly appointed Police Chief Jeff Sanders is below, second from left.

Mrs. Maxine White and Mrs. Winifred Sigman.

(The quality of the pictures was not what I wanted but should have expected... I didn't use the flash because it was taking so long for it to cycle back on after a picture. Next time I'll remember: Quality over quantity! Flash captures movement, too, where with my little Nikon no-flash means jitters unless the subject is perfectly still. With a little "tweaking" most were salvagable to some degree...)

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