Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Few Words About the Week

It has rained a lot this week - brought upward from Gustav. Thank God it wasn't as bad as before (Katrina).

We had several women in Bible study last night who were evacuees from the storm. They were all being housed at local homes and Wesley said last night church provided a meal for them. This isn't the first time many if not all had been evacuated. It was a blessing to us that they came to be with us. There was one woman in particular, though, who looked as if she was completely vacant inside - I don't think she paid much if any attention to the study and she had such a defeated, blank stare. I felt so sorry for her, for all of them, but especially her, since she seemed to have no hope. Who knows what she left behind or what she may be facing when she returns - maybe not even Gustav. I hope to remember her often and pray for her.

The video part of the lesson this week was about singing songs of praise and worship, not just from the lips, but from the heart. Beth Moore has a way of showing so much in Scripture that I know I don't take the time to find out on my own. She's such a good teacher and loves the Lord. This was especially good this week since on Sunday we'll be voting on a new worship minister - Luke Tolar.

Paul got a good doctor's report - routine cholesterol check-up. Was so good in fact that Dr. B took him off one of his medications (Zetia). He has to have it re-checked in 3 or 4 months. Glucose was very good, too. He's still staying with his low carb diet. (Evidently, evidently, I'm not. I should, though!)

I was proud of Oscar for doing his business out in the rain! He actually went out into the back yard while it was raining (not pouring) and did what he had to. I always praise him and give him Beggin Strip treats (not a whole one; just about inch-long piece or two), and dry him off. He's so spoiled.

Jennifer and I are trying to work out a Saturday for our families to get together for lunch - we've missed the whole summer doing it. I first said October 11, but Paul's going to Starkville to a ballgame. He and I looked at September 27 and I'll check with Amy and Jennifer to see if that's okay. Jen sent a picture of Salinda and one of our cousins (Sammy) from their trip to Paden recently. I forwarded it to Bren and she said she could really see the family resemblance among us all. Sammy is Spencer (Slip's) son; Salinda is Allen's daughter. If I think about it I'll put it on here. It's on my PC at work.

Did I ever say the new dishwasher is so quiet you hardly know it's on? It's so quiet you hardly know it's on.

We've eaten lunch out two days in a row this week: Norma, Carolyn, Wesley and I, and today Beck could go. Evidently - I'm not counting carbs. When we ate at Mallard's, Norma and I split a plate lunch of lasagna, garlic mashed potatoes and green beans; today no one split anything at Bonanza. It was "comfort food" day - country fried steak and white gravy, baked potato, banana pudding. Absolutely no calories! HA But I didn't eat much supper.

Amy's had a good week - very good day yesterday helping with a family. She's eager to learn all there is to know about the funeral home business and does a really good job. Today was her day off. We've talked several times this week and I also talked to Beth, whom I haven't talked to in a while. She and her husband are living in Memphis now. I'm glad Amy has her there. They keep each other in line!!!

Police Chief Mike Bachand is retiring after nine years in that position. He's such a good guy and I know the department will miss him; and personally and professionally, Paul will as well. He has been and will continue be a great friend. It's just hard to imagine him not being the Chief! But I wish him well and many wonderful years in his and Donna's new life. (Now, how does that retirement thing work, Mike? I may want to check into it soon!)

And tomorrow's Friday and I'm so ready for it. Helped with three interviews today; have two in the morning; one Monday morning. This is for a position in one of our district offices. Junior will make a decision sometime after next Monday. But then - only three days next week and I'll be off to Iuka for my lovely 3 day weekend with Bren and Sher! I have to come home early Sunday morning to keep so much of the sun out of my eyes, and to have a nap. Either way, traveling east or west, to Iuka or back here, we're facing the sun if we leave early and I drive better in the mornings!

Haven't heard from Kirk this week and I need to drop him a line tomorrow. Nor Matt and Lynsey. Bless you all.

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