Saturday, August 09, 2008

Saturday Yard Stuff
Since it was such a nice, pleasantly cool morning, I decided to give Oscar a haircut. It took only about an hour and I worked on him, after his bath, on the patio. He loves to be groomed and is so compliant and sweet. And he knows he looks like a Westminster Kennel Show winner when we're finished! There are always a few twigs sticking out especially around his elbows and knees (I guess dogs have knees) and I stayed after him through the afternoon when I could see he needed an extra clip.

The "lower" back yard (out by the fence) has these guys flying around. One was brave enough to light on the patio chair. I was lucky enough to get this picture of his iridescent wings.

Paul power-washed the patio and patio chairs off. Oscar was fascinated.

I would like to have seen this fellow pull himself out of this shell. He was clinging to the very end of the shepherd's hook where one of the wind chimes is hanging.

The clean patio, the roses, and the lorapedalum...

I hadn't noticed before they have a pink tint on the petals.

I bought this in Columbus last fall, in honor of Mama. It's grown a lot this year and I will probably let it take over this little enclosed garden. It'll be a good cover for the old redbud stump and if the redbud limbs from that stump continue to thrive, will be all that's needed there. And the daylilies that are already there every summer. Not many of those and they're on the other side next to the garage.

Teri's frog pot. I'm pretty sure I gave her this for a birthday, but Jean may have. The bottom was broken out of it, water probably froze in it. It has a perfect spot under the Virginia Sweet Spire on the west side of the patio.
Paul grilling us some steaks. This little grill is the first one I can remember we bought. We've had other charcoal grills and a gas grill, but keep coming back to this old dependable cast iron thing. Doesn't look so hot, but sure cooks good. Just like the chef!

Looking up through the ash tree, thankful for a beautiful day.

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