Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mr. Stoney's Apples

I went to Kelley's after work for Paul's and my supper and as I was leaving, I met Stoney where our vehicles were parked side by side.

"You like green apples?" he asked. I'm always a little unsure people know me if I'm not with Paul, but he did, or he was being a good neighbor as he took the bag of apples into Kelley's.

"Yes," I said. "Baked are good."

"Ever eat fried apples?"

I couldn't recall ever (surely this country girl has, though), so he said just slice them up with the peel on and put in butter. After they're tender sprinkle with plain or brown sugar. So there I had our dessert along with cheeseburgers to feed my "skinny" husband, who has a cold and didn't feel like getting out.

"These come off your tree?" I asked.

"About 15 minutes ago."

And after Paul and I ate our burgers and fries, it didn't take long to "fry 'em up." I added the brown sugar before and after.

We won't talk about carbs here right now. Anyway, Paul only ate one of these slices. I ate the rest and practically licked the plate. Paul said it tasted like baked apples, which he loved at Mississippi State.

Thanks, Mr. Stoney.

Olympic Cat

Here we see Bitty from the USA, Champion Leaper, Climber, Napper and Cool Cat contemplating the balance beam.

No, don't look away! Focus, Girl, focus!!

That's better... Looks like she's going for the Gold!


PWP Update
After relentless nagging and reminding on my part, I believe we have met our GOAL of 61 - our 80% of active employees who needed to complete the wellness profile online. I'll get an update again Friday and we have until the 22nd, but that was my little hedge no one else knew about. The 15th was really the cut-off date, with an extra week I asked for "just in case" when participation didn't look so good. Three lucky people will be drawn from the list for the $100, $50 and $25 prizes for going online and doing this. At least many will know how to go online if they didn't before. Once they get used to it, it isn't that difficult. Anyway, thanks - you know who you are!

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