Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Time for Reinforcements

The prednisone and antihistimine have done a little good, but it's the second week of this junk and the fifth day of the round of meds and my sinuses are still majorly out of whack. So I looked at my handy prescription website to see the last thing I took before I called the clinic for a prescription. My doctor isn't there today and so his nurse isn't. The lady at the front desk said she could take care of it, so I told her what I needed and voila! Maybe I can get this elephant's foot off my face. And sleep tonight without weird steroid dreams.

The health fair at the district office in Augusta went well this morning. It was nice to walk in and the ladies there had taken care of everything - space to work, food. Joy and Paulette from the hospital are so nice to work with. Joy has helped with so many health awareness projects for us - she's like part of the family!

Today and in the morning I'll finish getting this office's (Forrest City) screening ready for tomorrow; and Thursday morning will go to the south district office at Moro.

On the way back to the office today I stopped at Colby's for a snack and there were 5 or 6 ladies from my church there, just visiting at a table with one another, all retired ladies. Betty said they had done this I believe every Tuesday morning for the last 8 years. How wonderful. How great to be able to just stop, sit, visit, laugh, talk, probably not have to think too much about the time. But it's their time set aside to just enjoy life and each other. "Our Girls" need to get ourselves together, too. It's been a while and I miss them.

Will this be my last "health fair" to organize? Possibly. I'm looking forward more and more to times when there isn't a set schedule to follow, a clock to watch, a deadline to meet, a program to plan. Last night I started reading Reeve Lindbergh's (daughter of Anne Morrow Lindbergh) book Forward From Here: Leave Middle-Age and Other Unexpected Adventures. Everything she said I have thought, felt, wondered, realized, breathed, "Oh, yeah." When I told Sher about the book, she said she wasn't leaving middle-age. "Well," I said, "you are, too! You're right behind me, and I'm pretty much past that!"

We all need reinforcements.

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