Saturday, May 03, 2008

Richard & Linda's Wedding

Richard and Linda's wedding was such a sweet, lovely event. They were gracious hosts as well as the honorees and everyone was happy to help them celebrate this special day.

Paul and I arrived around 12:30 and several guests already there visiting and some were seated at tables to be served the delicious lunch they provided for us. We sat with Stan and Mary Moore.

The ceremony began with Brianna, Linda's great-niece, pulling a red wagon festooned with flowers and tulle, and seated in it were Emmy Ruth Burton and Solomon Clark Jackson, daughter and son of Tara and John, and Neall and Becca. Linda's Pastor Steve Norris performed the ceremony. We were seated too far away to get good pictures, too far for flash to do much good and without it, everything is pretty blurry. (I did better with the still life gardening decorations.) After the exchange of vows and rings and the pronouncement of Richard and Linda as husband and wife, he kissed the bride. I didn't get that on camera - guess I wasn't quick enough!
Elizabeth's Restaurant where the ceremony was held and lunch served, was decorated with a gardening theme. On each table for each guest was a small clay flower pot, wrapped in tulle and holding Vintage 4 O'Clock Seeds...White and Yellow Variety, handed down from plants that Richard's grandmother had; Pink Fairy Lily Bulbs; and a Flower Seed Packet. Richard's other contribution was a snack size Snicker, for quick energy to get on with the gardening work!

We ate our delicious lunch of baked chicken or chicken salad with fruit, which I had. Stan, Mary and Paul had the baked. This was after a garden salad, served with fresh hot rolls!

Donna Medders introduced herself to us and I recognized her after she did. They live in Fayetteville and Teri and Richard would stay with them occasionally when they would go to ballgames. I was glad to see her after so many years - she and her husband Howell lived in Wynne and he was the newspaper editor, from 1978-84, I think she said.

Others from Wynne who were there: Jean and Dick Bonady, Carol and Glen Hirons, Charlene and Bill Nicholson (Hickory Ridge), JoAnn and Tom Snider. Stan and Mary live in Memphis and he used to work for Woodruff, was district manager when there was a full office at West Helena.
Brianna handed out packets of bird seed to throw as the bride and groom were leaving. Around 3:00 they departed - Richard's new Mississippi State maroon Honda Pilot windows were decorated with white shoe polish and a big sign on the back said "Just Married," and was adorned with flowers and streamers. They were to stay in Memphis tonight and go on to Destin for their honeymoon.

I have to say I had to hold back tears at the beginning. They were tears of happiness for Linda and Richard, tears of embarking on a sweet new relationship, tears of bittersweetness. After all, I was plagued with allergies...yes... But I did hold them back. I pray for them many happy, wonderful years together. They're so happy together, happy to have found one another, and happy to share their lives with their families and friends.

(I always take pains to get these pictures just where I want them, but when I hit "publish post" they are likely as not to be staggered all over the page. And Tara, please help me out with family pictures! I was too far away and/or the flash wasn't strong enough! Of course, I "wasn't there" because I'm not even in any of the pictures! I think I'm in some of Tara's, so actually I was there. She does have pictures on her blog. See below for link.)

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