Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Life

For the last few St. Patrick's Days, Paul and our neighbor Joe have burned off the dead grass stubble in our yards, making way for spring's new growth. Across the street this year our neighbor Donald joined in the burning, then Allen. Sadolph, though, didn't have good results - there was too much green in his yard and the grass wouldn't stay lit.

After everything was burned off, Paul and I sat in the swing for a while talking and visiting with Joe, who made quick work of pruning some small shrubs with his small gas-powered trimmer. I learned that Oscar won't do his business in "his" back yard, because he doesn't want "his" yard messed up; and he's trained to go on a leash. Oh, well. At least winter comes only once a year.

It was good to see Paul doing yard work because this past weekend, he was definitely under the weather with stomach virus. After two days in bed, I know he was glad to be outdoors cleaning the yard. When the burn was over, he cranked up the riding mower ("anything with wheels") and clean cut the black stubble as low as he could. It was dark by then, and he had to turn the mower lights on. Now all the ash will feed the roots and in a few days there will be little green spikes coming up all over. It's supposed to rain today and that will give everything a good start.

Sher has inspired me to plant a small garden. She has four small plots cleaned off to plant her organic seed. Last year we had tomato and pepper plants where the redbud stump is and they did well. I'd like to have a small plot near the fence for squash, lettuce, onions. When Richard moves to Batesville, we will not have the nice gifts of lettuce heads and strawberries like we have in past years. I don't know if he's making a garden this spring or not. I do need to get some of Teri's bulbs and cuttings from her yard before someone buys his house. (It's not on the market yet, but you never know about these things - it could sell the next day.)

And the rain has started and I think it's one of those all day soakers. I'm glad I brought my lunch and can stay dry indoors.

Blessings: Promise of new beginnings. Getting well from a nasty virus. Looking forward to Easter weekend with family, thinking of His ressurection, being grateful for New Life in Him.

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