Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Aunt Shirley

Aunt Margaret called me just before 1:00 today and told me Aunt Shirley died Sunday, March 2. This was six months and one day from when Mama died (September 1). I was pretty sure when I didn't hear from Ray again lately that either Shirley was a lot worse, or she had maybe even died. I found her very short obituary in the Kansas City Star online. They had a memorial service for her last Friday at 1:00 at Bruce Funeral Home in Gardner, Kansas. It didn't say where she was buried.

Margaret said all three of their children were there - Mike, Pam, Robin. I'm so sorry for them all - we know how hard this all is for them.

Margaret said, "I'm the last one." It is sort of ironic - we never know how this life will turn out. She is the oldest, too.

The consolation we have is that Mama and Shirley are together in Heaven with their other little baby sister Ella Jean, their mother and other loved ones.

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