Saturday, June 23, 2007

All the Bright Colors!

Our Sunday School class had a get-together at Debra's this morning, around her pool. There were only 8 of us, and we missed those who couldn't be there. But we had a great time just sitting around eating the delicious food and talking. Debra had lais for us and her bright patio umbrellas, blooming crape myrtles and petunias were perfect for a sunny mid-morning brunch. When I had the pictures printed for each to have copies, the lady at the photo department said, "What a good looking family." I told her it was my Sunday School class and then added, "Yes, it is a family." Then she recognized Debra, and she is Debra's youngest sister! I had not known this before.

We posed in three different places. I have to say, I'm getting a little better with the camera settings since I read the instruction book!! On all these I used "scene" and the "back light" setting.

Daughters of the King! Thank You, Father God, for friends and the common bond we share in You.

After I left here, I went home and finished making a salad (you finish a salad by slicing tomatoes and bell peppers, fresh from the garden, onto a bed of store-bought greens!) I put slices of Edwards pies (4 different kinds) and a pan of Sister Schubert's rolls and the salad in a bag and took these to Carol's, who had outpatient surgery on Thursday. Charlene had prepared a roast, potatoes and carrots and we met at Carol's house. Carol had felt well enough to attend a bridal shower for her future daughter-in-law, so her grandson let us into the house and we put the food where it needed to go.

Then I went to Wal-Mart and had pictures printed for the class, and decided to go ahead and buy some groceries and other things to keep from having to go back out in the heat again. I put all that away and by this time it was almost 2:00, so I lay down and napped for almost 2 hours!

I hardly ever know what to have for Sunday dinner, but just cornbread and beans sounded good to me and easy to make, so I went to Hay's and bought dry beans, slaw mix and some low carb ice cream bars (really good). I finally got some housework done, folded laundry, cooked supper (Pioneer Woman's MM Second Favorite Sandwich - Paul said it was too much chicken, so that can be cut down), and it was goooood!! After supper settled a bit, Paul and I took Oscar for a walk in the cemetery. I pulled long grass from around the cross Tara made and put between Teri and her mother and daddy's headstones. Once around a loop is enough for O and I take a glass of water for him to lap up - by this time his tongue is curling and he's panting from the heat.

Now I'm winding down another Saturday, another "marble" well spent I think. As varied as the colors in Debra's umbrellas.

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